HACO PressMaster

HACO PressMaster

Quick Overview

Top Level High-Spec machine

Top level pressbrake with high-end specifications and execution. Increased Daylight Opening and Beam Stroke for increased bending freedom. Increased beam and backgauge speeds for high productivity. Innovative 3D Multi Touch graphical control. Possibility for extension with sophisticated options. Features accurate bending characteristics. Optional integration of advanced safety equipment.

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Procurement Centre (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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Suanluang, Bangkok, Thailand 10250

Tel: (662) 322-7201-3, 322-1811
Fax: (662) 320-2614, 322-7204
Email: admin@thaisheetmetal.com

Website: http://www.thaisheetmetal.com

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Product Description

Details: Standard equipment

  • FastBEND-3D MT Premium control: 24” Multi Touch screen
  • Smart Draft + MultiTasking + Step Previewer + Combined Icons + Auto Tooling + Part Manager-3D
  • Increased Daylight Opening (540m), Stroke (370mm) and Gap (400mm)
  • Increased Fast Approach Beam Speed (up to 200mm/s) and
  • Fast Return Speed (up to 170mm/s)
  • High Speed X-R-Z1-Z2 Backgauge for accurate sheet positioning
  • Stroke X = 800mm, maximum speed = 1000mm/s
  • Stroke R = 130mm, maximum speed = 250mm/s
  • Maximum speed Z1 and Z2 axes = 1000mm/s
  • New Standard (NS) hydraulic top tool clamping
  • CNC controlled Anti Deflection Table (Crowning) for NS dies
  • 2 Sheet Supports with guiding, manually adjustable in height
  • LED illumination of the bending area



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